Counting Murdered Women

Women's lives matter. This page documents the murders of girls and women in Canada where men are the suspected killers. Murder at the hands of a man - usually a partner, ex-partner, or family member - is a leading cause of death for women and girls in North America, Europe, and around the world. Places that track these horrific crimes are seeing an increase in recent years.

Canadian authorities do not keep statistics on women murdered by men. Often news reports don't include the names of the women whose lives are cut short by violence. These women and girls matter and their names are recorded here.

Thank you to the UK group CountingDeadWomen, WomenCount USA, the Australian group REAL for Women, and the Newfoundland Feminists and Allies for counting women who are murdered.

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2018 in memoriam 

January 12, Brampton ON: 29-year-old man arrested on suspicion of stabbing his wife and another woman to death in their home. 

January 12, Mississauga ON: Man charged after a woman is stabbed to death and two children injured in their home.
Source: Global News

December 2017 in memoriam

December 2017 brought horror to three British Columbia families: four young daughters and two mothers were murdered in a three-week period. 

Three male family members are charged with their murders.  

December 25, Christmas Day, Victoria BC

Chloe and Aubrey Berry, age 6 and 4. Sources say their father Andrew Berry killed the girls who were the subjects of a custody dispute with their mother. 

Court documents show the girls' mother once had a restraining order against the father and a family court judge acknowledged the father's misconduct when she ordered that he share custody of the children.  

Source: CTV

December 20, Kelowna BC

Clara Soledad Forman and her daughters Yesenia and Karina, age 7 and 8. Jacob Forman, the husband and father, is charged with their murders. 

Sources: CBC and Global

December 6, Salt Spring Island BC

Heather Jones found murdered in her home. Her 22-year old son Martin Vandenberg is charged with first-degree murder.