Thursday, February 7, 2019

Seven Ways to Stop a Stalker

Thank you to the women who participated in the Seven Ways to Stop a Stalker workshop. The goal of this session was to demonstrate ways to deal with creeps of all kinds, from street harassers to domestic abusers.

We shared and practiced a variety of skills and strategies to get stalkers to back off.
  • Setting clear boundaries
  • Recognizing red flags and types of abuse
  • Understanding the psychology of abusers 
  • Defending ourselves physically 
  • Escaping from an attacker
  • Public shaming 
  • Involving the police and courts, and more 

Right: A diagram that describes forms of abuse that are less obvious than physical and sexual violence, but still based on power and control over the other person.

Right, below: This diagram shows how abuse follows a pattern, starting with the "honeymoon" period, escalating tension, then punishment for imagined crimes. 

Below: We practiced kicks, punches, and escaping from holds.

We practiced blocks and counter-moves to stop an attack and get away safely. 

We practiced group interventions like this one.


Understanding stalker psychology gives us a strategic advantage. For example: Abusers are rarely "out of control" - usually it's the opposite: they use intimidation to control and manipulate others. They can charm us with gifts and promises to gain our trust while they look for opportunities to get power over us.

We talked about getting help to recover from the fear and trauma of being stalked, and coming through it stronger and wiser.


Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories. 
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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Nov 11: Empowerment and Self-Defense Seminar

Sunday November 11
1 pm to 4 pm
Sooke, BC
 Free, accessible, for women and girls age 12 and up

Emphasis on boundary-setting, spotting red flags, and how to avoid, defuse, and escape an attack.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

How to fight off an attacker

Self-defense training at Victoria Professional Self-Defence in spring 2017. Trainer Auto Jansz demonstrates how to break out of various holds, and how to counterattack and get to safety.

Here, the "attacker" has a student in a headlock.
The student crouches slightly and grabs the attacker by the thigh

The student starts to make her move, pushing the attacker's leg and hip to knock her off her feet.
A second later, the attacker is on the ground.